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traven7's true vintage fashion about us

Traven7 (owned and operated by Lorijean Yeatter) is one of the longest running online vintage retailers on the internet. We've been selling vintage fashion online since 1998 which has resulted in thousands of five star transactions and a very high percentage of return customers. Our experience and longstanding relationships with both our suppliers, and customers ensure that you'll always find the best True Vintage Fashion right here.

Traven7 started from a love... wait, the name; where did the name come from? It was somewhat random as the internet was just making its way into everyone's household sometime in the 90's and Lorijean needed a name for her new personal email account. She (an avid reader) happened to be reading "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" by B. Traven (an anonymous german writer) when she signed-up for her first hotmail account. Of course, "Traven" on its own was already taken, so she added "7" for good luck; thus, Traven7 was born. Coincidentally, "7" just happens to be the number of decades Traven7's True Vintage Fashion normally covers.

Lorijean's passion for vintage fashion stems from a love of all things involving art and/or design. She's married to an architect whom she regularly engages in discussions regarding the similarities between fashion and architecture which sometimes gets interesting... especially when it leads to a debate about which inspired which, during a specific era; the answer is always fashion, of course.  She has one son who is an aspiring writer and currently in college as a Film and Media Major. She lives in a "hand-built" (literally; she has pics of the original builder on site in the late 1960's with a hand saw) midcentury home that feels like living in a big treehouse where she's surrounded by art, design, nature, the best-dog-in-the-world (Midas, an English Blockhead black lab), a grumpy tuxedo cat (.Henry), and a sweet ginger tiger (Bernie, an orange tabby cat). Her husband built a pottery studio for her in their backyard where she regularly feeds her soul by slinging mud and completely submerging herself in the process of creating; it also serves as a means for expressing "things" in which there are no words,  AND in which no one gets hurt ;) 

Traven7 began selling vintage fashion on eBay in 1998 alongside other early vintage sellers (a few that many of you have heard of, or watched tv shows about), as well as regularly sold to customers who went on to create big internationally recognized "vintage inspired" labels; it did not take long for Traven7 to become one of the top vintage clothing sellers on eBay. It's during these times however,  that Lorijean tends to step back in an effort to regain her perspective so she can continue to love what she's doing; or, as we're fond of saying around here: "You better check yourself, before you wreck yourself!"  While "checking herself" during these breaks, she took every opportunity to learn different crafts, experiment with different art mediums, and of course she never, ever stopped collecting vintage fashion.

After taking a break from eBay, Lorijean happened upon Etsy... wow!  She could open an online vintage fashion store, as well as have access to all the supplies in the whole wide world to feed her offline passion for creating; perfect.  She opened "Traven7" on Etsy in 2008 and it WAS perfect for several years until, well, business started to feel too much like business and less like love, again; so she stepped back in order to fill her life with more of what she loved and with whom she loved.  Alas, her little bird has flown off to college and her love for vintage fashion (although never, ever gone) has been stoked and we've got a storage load of the BEST vintage fashion that we can't wait to share with all of you! 

So come along... it's time to fall in love again, and again, and again because really,

if you live, loving... you will love life. It's that simple.

And while you're loving life, why not do it in a killer piece of authentic true vintage fashion?